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10 Myths and Facts About Depression

Myth: Depression is a character flaw and is a sign of weakness. Fact: Depression has nothing to do with strength of one’s character. It happens due to a complex interplay of biological and environmental risk factors and is a treatable condition like any other physical illness. With all the attached stigma, seeking help for depression is a sign of courage and not weakness.
Myth: Depression is just “having the blues.” Fact: Depression is more just feeling sad or down in the dumps. The sadness is more persistent and pervades your day-to-day life and it, along with other symptoms of depression, makes it harder for you to function at your normal levels.
Myth: You can just “snap out” of depression. Fact: Telling people with depression to just “snap out of it” never helps as depression, like other physical illnesses, takes time to heal. While treated episodes of depression lasts about three months, untreated depression may last from 6 to 13 months.
Myth: Depression affects only women. Fact: Alth…