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Is Depression Causing You to Have an Analysis Paralysis?

Depression robs you of motivation, slows your thinking, impairs your concentration, and makes you indecisive. Thus, when it comes to putting things into action, your depression can make you go into a state of analysis paralysis wherein you cannot decide on how to implement your plan. 

Common attributes of analysis paralysis are:
You work on solutions to a problem but are overwhelmed by the available options.
You feel you don’t have the “perfect” solution to a problem.
You are afraid of picking up the “wrong” solution.
You overthink about the possible solutions and believe that the problem is too complicated.
You are afraid that you don’t have all the facts to make a decision.
You may never have all the facts and there would always be unknown factors that may impact your decisions. A well-written action plan will help you tide over this analysis paralysis and shift you from an analytic to an action mode. An example of an action plan is in the table below.

Goal Action Steps Resources Potential …