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Self-Management of Depression: Why, When and How to say “No” without Guilt

You may have a hard time saying no to other people because you are afraid that you will hurt others, appear selfish, look as if you don’t care, or risk a relationship. You may also want people to like you, especially when depression lowers your self-esteem, and saying no is contrary to your subconscious approval-seeking tendencies. However, depression robs you of energy and motivation to do what others want you to do. You then struggle to accomplish what you have said “yes” to, which drives more guilt. You can break this guilt cycle by learning to say “no.”
Why is it okay to say “no”? Here are a few good reasons why it is okay to say “no”: Accept that you are not a superhuman who can do everything that everyone wants.
Saying “no” doesn’t make you selfish as you have said “yes” several times to several people in the past. By saying “no,” you are only trying to strike a balance between how much responsibility you can and cannot handle.
Pleasing everyone every time by saying “yes” is not hum…