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DARN: A Simple and Effective Way to Increase Your Motivation to Change

DARN is an acronym which stands for: Desire, Ability, Reasons, and Need. These represent four types of self-talk that people contemplating change engage in (Miller & Rollnick, 2013). Use this approach to ask yourself evocative questions that tap into your intrinsic motivation. 
Desire: Desire is wanting to have something or wanting a change. Examples include, “I want to exercise more” or “I would like to eat healthy.” Ask yourself the following questions to elicit your desire to change. What am I hoping to accomplish by this change?How would I like for things to change?How do I want my life to be different six months from now?
Ability: Ability is your perception of your ability to bring about the change. Questions to elucidate ability include: How likely am I able to flex my schedule to incorporate this change?What do I think I might be able to change in my daily schedule?If I did decide that I wanted to add this change, how could I do it?
Reasons: Help yourself find the…