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How Your Erroneous View of Self-Worth Fuels Your Depression

Feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem represent key symptoms of depression.  Self-worth is how you value yourself as a human being or your overall opinion of yourself. Self-worth has also been equated with self-respect – having respect for one’s abilities. People with depression experience feelings of worthlessness or low self-esteem in thoughts as: “I am worthless” “I am inadequate” “I am incompetent” “I am bad” “I am a failure” “I am a loser” “I am ugly” “I am no good” “I am immoral” “I am stupid” “I am a fake” In depression, most thoughts of worthlessness represent irrational thinking patterns such as all-or-none thinking, overgeneralization, labeling (putting negative labels on self), and magnification (blowing things out of proportion). For example, you get an average evaluation in one area of your job performance compared to above average in other areas and you start feeling that you are incompetent. Or worthlessness can be also be triggered by not meeting your perfectionistic expect…